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Our Story

Jennifer:  We began working on this project 8 years ago when I was asked to share my story.  I thought I could speak to the challenges of living with mental illness -- 30 years of ups and downs, pills and doctors, therapy and reflection, and finding ways to cope and live a good life.  But when I was writing, I realized I was only telling half the story because bipolar disorder has had a great impact on my life, but it has also affected the lives of my family and friends.  To tell the whole story, I needed to look beyond my own experience.

Kate:  When Jennifer came to me with the idea of writing a play about our family’s experience with bipolar disorder, I was hesitant.  I had considered the subject to be rather personal and sensitive.  However, Jennifer's courage in sharing her story and her passion to spread the message was irresistible.  After interviewing friends, family, employers and others, talking to Jennifer, and reading her journals, I came to realize that this was too important a story to leave untold.  The experience of writing the play and then performing it, along with the Q&A sessions afterwards, have taught me a lot about the courage it takes all of us to live one day at a time and the power of sharing your experience so others can say, "Yes, that's what it's like for me, too."

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