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Let Me Tell You What It's Really Like

A family's experience with bipolar disorder

“Powerful and engaging”, Let Me Tell You What It’s Really Like is a frank conversation on living with mental illness, both for the person diagnosed and those in his or her life.  In this one-act play the audience is addressed directly by two actors, one representing a person with bipolar disorder (Inside) and the other (Outside) playing all of the other characters (family, friends, doctors and others). Both share the emotions, thoughts, fears, and joy that are part of all sides of a bipolar existence. 

Based on a series of interviews, the intention of the work (40-minute one-act play followed by a 20-minute Q&A with the actors) is to honestly present a broad range of experience for those who are living with an emotional or mental disability.  This performance leads to greater understanding for everyone who deals with all types of this illness and strengthens the support of a more compassionate community. 

LMTY Mental Health

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